Determine Your Need

When will you need our services? If you’ve lost a loved one, you may have immediate need of our assistance. Or you may be planning for the near future, possibly within 6 months.  Finally, are you planning years ahead to save money and have the assurance of well-planned and organized services? Once you let us know, we’ll have the right steps for you to follow.

Choose Your Package

All of our cremation offerings are organized into packages at different price levels for different needs. You can choose from basic cremation or add a visitation and memorial service. You can even opt for embalming and traditional viewing services, ending in cremation rather than burial. Package prices range from $1,995 to $6,595.

Select Your Urn

We have an elegant selection of funerary urns to hold the ashes of your deceased loved one. You can choose from the simplicity of Brushed Sheet Bronze to the polished beauty of a Franklin Cherry urn.  We even have biodegradable urns.

Consider Cash Advances

Cash advances refers to setting aside money for items like Casket Flowers, Catering, the Coroner’s fee, and cutting/engraving. We’ll provide a selection list and price levels from which you may choose.

Determine Number of Death Certificates

Official Death Certificates are needed for a number of purposes. It is illegal to duplicate or photocopy a death certificate.  You may need an official certificate for various insurance accounts, government benefits (like Social Security), bank accounts, and to resolve ownership of Real Estate and motor vehicles. There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but we can help.

Where is Your Loved One Now?

We need to know where your loved one is located so the staff at Westmoreland & Fayette Cremations Services can transfer him or her into their care. You’ll be able to enter the address and location type (hospital, nursing home, morgue).  We will then present you with a review of your selections and a total.

Gather Your Purchase & Payment Information

Who are the funeral arrangements being planned by? We’ll need your name and address as well as contact information including your email and phone number. Let us know who the arrangement is for, the deceased. 

Have your credit card ready to make payment.