Cremation Services provided and handled by a state sanctioned, state inspected, licensed funeral director & funeral home facility, as required by law. Robert B. Ferguson, Jr., FD, Owner, sole-proprietorship.

Cremation Services offers cremation services at an affordable cost for residents within Westmoreland and Fayette Counties in Pennsylvania. Services include cremation, transportation to crematory, and memorial services, including graveside inurnment, scattering services, and private family viewings. Below are answers to some common questions people have about cremation and the cremation process.

Please Contact Us with any questions about the services Westmoreland & Fayette Cremation Services provides.

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1What Is cremation?
In the cremation process, the human body is reduced to fragments of bone and ash using extreme heat and flame. This takes place in a cremation furnace capable of reaching temperatures from 1600 to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.
2Why should I call 1-877-CREMATE?
Westmoreland & Fayette Cremation Services is a regional, professional, and reverential cremation service that provides your family with dignified and caring attention, as well as a convenient and economic service. We provide cremation service throughout Westmoreland and Fayette Counties in Pennsylvania.
3Do I need to involve a local funeral home?
No. Westmoreland & Fayette Cremation Services handles the entire process and no other business needs to be involved. We can assist with the selection of an appropriate cremation urn, arrange for the memorial service of your choice, and answer any questions you may have about the cremation process.
4Is embalming necessary for cremation?
No. Embalming is not a necessary part of the cremation process, as long as your desire is for a private family viewing, which can take place for 30 minutes in a private chapel. Embalming is required only when your desire is for a lengthy, public viewing.
5What do I do with the remains?
There are several options including placing the remains in a cremation urn which can be placed in-ground or in a niche at a columbarium; scattering the remains; or placing the remains into a keepsake, such as a pendant or LifeGem. Modern Cremation Merchandise provides an artful and dignified repository for the remains of your loved one.
6Do you need a cremation urn?
No, the remains can be scattered or placed into a keepsake item, such as a piece of cremation jewelry, a pendant, or LifeGem.
7How long does the process take?
The actual cremation of the deceased takes approximately 2-3 hours. The process of having cremains ready for pick-up is a three day process from the time we receive permission from the County Coroner until the family can receive the cremains.
8Can I cremate a pet?
Yes, Westmoreland & Fayette Cremation Services can assist you with pet cremation. We can cremate pets of various sizes. Please Contact Us for more information on packages and pricing.
9Can I watch the cremation?
Yes. Family members can arrange to witness the cremation process, and may find comfort in the experience.
10Can I prepay for a cremation?
Yes. Arrangements can be made to make monthly payments in prepayment for the cremation service, cremation urn, and other arrangements. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information.